Christian Education

Bible Discovery Guide: Church School Lessons

“Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life.”
Proverbs 4:13 (NIV)

General Superintendent
Pastor Marvin C. Zanders, II

Brother Ivan Williams, Sr., Sister June T. Williams
Brother Gary Douglas, Sister Jewel Johnson



Beginners Classes

Beginners Department : Ages 0 - 5

Beginners’ Church School Class
Sister Bobbie Lesesne, Sister Janice Johnson
Sanctuary/Youth Education Wing – Room 109


Junior Department : Ages 9 -11

Corine Cole Junior A Church School Class
Sister Gail Upson
Sanctuary/Youth Education Wing – Room 115


Intermediate Department : Ages 12 - 14

AC Chandler Intermediate Church School Class
Sister Loretta Coppock, Sister Jeanette Kittles
Sanctuary/Youth Education Wing – Room 110

Senior Department : Ages 15 - 17

Senior Church School Class
Brother Joseph S. Coppock, Jr., Sister Sharon Gallon
Room 302



Adult Classes


Young Adult I : Ages 18 - 26

Brother Douglas & Sister R. Williams
Room 306

Young Adult II

Brother Richard & Sister Anishia Christie

Alexander Cottrell Church School Class

Minister Marlowe Smith & Sister S. Solomon
Room 111

Dorothy Williams Church School Class

Brother Willie Martin, Sister Joyce Wesley

Frank Reid Church School Class

Sister Jeanette Goa & Sister Hattie Trent
Sanctuary/Adult Education Wing – Room 128

Rev. George Iles II Church School Class

Reverend Estdella Cooper, Brother Gerald Williams
Sanctuary/Adult Education Wing – Room 127

Marriage Enrichment Church School Class

Elder Leroy Hutchins, Dr. Brenda S. Hutchins
The Alexander Cottrell Library

Otis Gamble Church School Class

Brother Jesse Jones, Brother Larry West
Sanctuary/Adult Education Wing – Room 124

Phyllis Wheatley Church School Class

Sister Normadean Williams, Brother Carl Johnson
Sanctuary/Adult Education Wing – Rooms 129-130

Sarah Allen Church School Class

Brother Andrew Snead, Sister D Williams
Sanctuary/Adult Education Wing – Room 123

W.D. Sweet Church School Class

Sister Deborah Norman, Sister Rosalyn Smith
Room 307


Classroom locations are subject to change/any updates will post soon