Our Pastor


“Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart,
who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.” Jeremiah 3:15 (NIV)

Pastor Marvin Clyde Zanders Marvin Clyde Zanders, II is the anointed, charismatic, energetic, and innovative Pastor of Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church of Jacksonville, Florida. This man of God has been used by the Spirit of the Lord to teach, touch, and transform lives for the Kingdom of God. He is the offspring of the late Marvin C. Zanders, Sr. and Mrs. Jacquelyn Johnson Bain. A native of Orlando, Florida, he attended the public schools of Orange County, finishing from Edgewater High School. He received his academic preparation from Morehouse College and The Turner Theological Seminary at The Interdenominational Theological Center, both in Atlanta, Georgia.

Having a strong anointing for leadership development, evangelism, and stewardship development, has enabled Pastor Zanders to take the congregations he has served to new levels in God. The Greater Payne Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church of Jacksonville, Florida, under Zanders’ pastoral leadership, experienced a move of God that resulted in an increase in church membership and the construction of the Marvin C. Zanders Community Enrichment Center to support the many outreach ministries that were a blessing to the people of God. Zanders served that congregation for eight years and then was assigned to Mount Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church in Orlando, Florida. During his five years of leadership, the Mount Olive congregation experienced phenomenal church growth as well as burning a $350,000.00 church mortgage within his first year of leadership to the congregation.

Pastor Zanders is now on assignment at Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church of Jacksonville, Florida. Since his appointment there on November 18, 2000, the ministry has experienced much growth and development for the good of God’s people. A strong emphasis on prayer and stewardship enabled the congregation to liquidate a $2.5 million dollar mortgage three years ahead of time. He also teaches the congregation that they are blessed to be a blessing. The fruit of that teaching is evident in the strong community outreach ministries of the church that include; summer camps, community forums, health symposiums, radio broadcasts, and other opportunities for “Sharing Christ and Meeting Needs”.

This faithful servant of the Lord also exercises his leadership abilities by serving within the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the Jacksonville community. He has served as the Advisor to the Chairman and the First Vice Chairman of the Episcopal Committee of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He has been a member of the Executive Committee of the General Board as well as the Vice Chairman of the Commission of Global Witness and Ministry of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He is the Treasurer for the Eleventh Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He is the Co-Organizer of the Clay County Minority Coalition as well as a Board Member for the Duval County Partners for Education. He is also an active member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, a 32° Mason PHA – Champion Lodge #2 and Tillman Valentine Consistory #22.

Pastor & His WifeThis servant of God is married to Mrs. Winifred Houston Zanders. They are the parents of Marvin Frank Curtis Zanders and Micah Van Zanders.

Zanders is a candidate for Bishop in the AMEC in 2020.

As you prepare to be blessed by God through His vessel, remember that God can Empower, Enable and Equip all who have faith in Him. As God sits on high and a new day begins with the rising sun, trust these words in your heart, “The Best Is Yet To Come.”