Welcome to the place where God is seen,

love is felt & lives are changed!


We know visiting a new church is never easy. It is our goal to make your first visit to Saint Paul as smooth and welcoming as possible. From a personalized parking space, to directions and greeters, we are prepared to receive you.


If you’d like, please let us know you are coming by clicking here or the link in the popup at bottom right of this page. This is a perfect place to ask us any questions, and to let us know you are coming. This isn’t required, but an extra step of love to make sure you feel welcomed.


We strive to set a Christian example in the metropolitan city of Jacksonville by reaching people where they are, relating them to Jesus Christ, nurturing them as disciples, and sending them back out to make the community more loving and just.


Visit Us In Person

The atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and empowering. 


Our worship experience includes singing, prayer, welcome, announcements, worship through giving, and preaching. 


At the opening of the worship experience we are provided a short word of inspiration from our pastor followed by two songs led by our choir for the week. These songs are on the screen and are led by our worship director.


After the choir sings, first-time visitors both in person and virtually are welcomed by a minister. All first-time visitors are provided with a special gift.


A prayer is offered followed by a short reel of video announcements. The announcements contain information about ways to get involved, things we are doing in the community and much more. 


We are then given an opportunity to support the work of the church through the offering. 


The main portion of our 90-minute service is dedicated to the preaching of God’s Word. At the end of the sermon an invitation will be given for anyone who would like prayer, to join the ministry, or accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 



NOTE: Each first Sunday of the month is our most traditional Sunday of the month. A hymn, and the reading of the scriptures are added only on first Sundays. Communion is provided after the preached Word. 

Times & Location

6910 New Kings Rd. Jacksonville, FL  – Google Maps


We are honored to have you as our guest and offer the following commitments:

  • We will not ask you to stand alone.
  • We give you the option of participating, or not in the Communion.

Sunday Schedule:

Bible Discovery Hour @ 8:00am

Service @ 9:30am (Online & In Person)


Wednesday Schedule:

Bible Study @ 12:00pm (in person)

Frequently Asked Questions

What time is the worship experience?

Our worship experience begins at 9:30AM EST.


Where do I park?

We have parking available on our campus. First-time visitors have a designated parking space. Please let a parking attendant know you are a first-time visitor.


How long does the worship experience last?

Our impactful worship experience normally lasts 90 minutes or as the Lord leads.


Our first Sunday worship experience lasts a little longer as all are welcomed to share in Holy Communion.


What should I expect?

You should expect a powerful and highly impactful worship experience full of singing, praising and great preaching.


Will there be ministry for children on Sundays?

Church should be fun for everyone! We currently have in-person Children’s Church for children and teens from potty trained – 17yrs of age on the 1st-3rd Sundays of the month. The 4th Sunday of every month is a special service inclusive of and run by our youth.

What if I don’t pre-register/fill out the form?

Coming without completing the “Plan your visit” form is more than o.k.


Will I be able to have personal prayer with someone, when I attend on Sundays?

Absolutely! Ministers and Stewards will be available for prayer. There will be a special time in service where you can come to the altar for prayer.


If you prefer to be more private you can 1) Text “Prayer” to 1-866-944-0428 or complete our prayer request form.


What will those who don’t attend the in-person worship service see online?

We work to create the same experience online as in-person. You will enjoy the same high-impact experience full of praise, worship, and great preaching.


We also have an online Pastor participating in the chat and available for prayer, ready to engage with visitors, guests, and members. We have many online members across the world.

Have Questions? Let us help!

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